Sad Quotes About The Past

Your past is very important part of life. Sometimes you have a good past and sometimes you have bad memories with your past. Past teaches you lessons for rest of your life. If your past was good than you have reason to smile in the world and you need to get more happiness so that you can enjoy your future as well. Sometimes you have to forget your past due to bad memories. Many people in the world who have lost their life as they are not able to forget their past and the memories related to past.

There are many relations in your life which hurts you in life and you don’t want to remember those relations for longer period of time. It’s hard for a person to forget the close relation and start new life. Sometimes you need to be bold and active in your dealings so that you may able to forget the relation as it is very important for you to start you new life in good way. Sometimes you have happy memories related to your past and you never want to forget those memories and you are living with those memories make you reason to smile in the hard time of the present. In this article you will get best and cool collections of quotes about the past. Some of these quotes make you happy and some of quotes teaches you lesson of life. So download these and get life lessons from these sad quotes about the past.

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