Famous Quotes About Love and Relationship

Love is very special feeling of the world. Love makes you different from others. There are two types of people in the world those who love and those you don’t love. Those who love are the happiest person of the world as they have lot of people for them even during their bad time and they can enjoy all the happiness of life as they have too many friends who want to see them happy. They can get happiness from life as they try to ignore the bad time of life and they ignore bad people as well. Happiness is love when you love someone you may get love from them in return. Love teaches you many things in life. You should be true in your love and all dealings related to love. Try to respect others and try to give love to those who love you.

Those who hurts other are the bad people of the world. If they see someone is happy than they try to make him sad and try to get happiness from the person. Those types of the person are very bad person try to avoid these person. Give them love in return it may make them happy or they may stop hating others. These are famous quotes about love. You can download these famous quotes about love and can share them with others as well. If you want to express your love feelings for someone and you have no words to express than you can use these quotes to express your love in nice way so download these famous quotes about love.

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