Exclusive Pictures Of Wild Animals

Zoo, a place where live animals are kept in a facility for public exhibition. Animals are placed inside a specially designed cages, designed according to their natural habitat. For example, monkeys have banana trees in their cage, birds cage have fully grown tress etc. The basic purpose of a zoo is to provide healthy and refreshing entertainment to its visitors. Zoo’s attraction and popularity depend mainly upon the type and number of zoo animals. The greater the variety of animals the zoo offers, greater is the popularity of the zoo. Children will come again and again to play and enjoy with the zoo animals moreover elders will also find keen interest in some of the species which they are not familiar with. Therefore, zoo animals constitutes the base of a zoo. No matter how big or well-constructed the zoo maybe, if it doesn’t provide large number of zoo animals it will not attract its visitors.

Quantity is not the only thing to be looked upon but the health and care of zoo animals is also an important factor contributing towards the success of a zoo. For example if the lion is ill and lying on the floor without making a faintest of roar will not attract many. Because a lion is known for its roar which can be heard across the zoo.Number of intellectuals across the globe doesn’t share the same opinion about the zoo and its environment. They are of the opinion that zoo is the negation of freedom and nature’s way of living. To limit the life of an animal inside four walls is just barbaric. These are Exclusive Pictures Of Wild Animals. You can download these Exclusive Pictures Of Wild Animals and can use them as your desktop wallpapers.


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